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Declaration on the Verdict to Grigory Pasko

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The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO thinks that the verdict of the Pacific Fleet Court on Grigory Pasko reflects the imperfections in the whole of the law-enforcement system of the Russian Federation and is at variance with the spirit of the Constitution. Owing to an unreasonable system of imposing top secret libel on virtually everything, anyone who attempts to inform the public of environmental dangers caused by the poor economic performance of state structures may end up in prison.

We are certain that the verdict in the Pasko case represents the implementation of a political order targeted at imposing fear in the citizens with possible repressions on behalf of the state. such an order is formulated by the political forces in Russia’s leadership which is trying to take revenge in domestic policy for the shock they experienced after the recent international initiatives of the President.

The President of Russia faces today a historic choice: either his actions in foreign policy will be accompanied by steps to create a European-style humane law-governed stated in, or these actions will serve merely as a decoration covering traditional bureaucratic arbitrary rule.

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO will provide Grigory Pasko with all possible means of assistance in his fight for freedom and restoration of justice.

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