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Press Release, 29.12.99
Under 2% of the bulletins remain to be processed by the Central Electoral Committee before the final official results can be announced: Yabloko has 5.98%

The final results of the Duma elections: Yabloko obtained 5.93% of the vote

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has released the final results of the State Duma elections.

According to CEC data, the CPRF obtained 24.29% of votes in the general federal electoral district, "Unity" - 23.32%,

"Fatherland All Russia" - 13.33%,

the "Union of Right Wing Forces" - 8.52%,

the "Zhirinovsky Bloc" - 5.98%

Yabloko - 5.93%.

Accordingly, the CPRF obtained 67 seats in the Duma, "Unity" - 64 seas, "Fatherland - All Russia" - 37 seats, the "Union of Right Wing Forces" - 24 seats, the "Zhirinovsky Bloc" - 17 seats and Yabloko 16 seats. This data does not include the deputies that obtained their seats, by winning the elections in single mandate districts.

Based on Interfax reports.